Born in New York City and raised in North Jersey, Todd spent his teenage years serving in top local restaurants under “old-world” restauranteurs. Needing to explore the world, he worked and lived on a farm in The Netherlands before returning to the Big Apple and then travelled across the world to Hong Kong. It was here that he expanded the entrepreneurial side of his gastronomic journey, first in 2004 as General Manager to open RED Bar + Restaurant in Two ifc and then as co-founder of Wagyu restaurant in 2006. In 2009, with business partner Robert Spina, Todd set up IHM, Integrated Hospitality Management, an integrated company comprising of creative concept development; project management; ongoing business management.
An adventurer at heart, Debby is constantly searching for new experiences. With this innate ability to embrace all things fresh and exciting, it’s not surprising that she is so passionate about the service industry in which she works. But she always finds time to enjoy life in the way of yoga and cooking at home. Nature's wonders? "Sunshine and blue skies always makes my day!"
Chiu is our key man. Not just the most friendly and charming driver you’ll ever see, he knows each of us well and is very good friends with all our farmers. Of course he gets from points A to B with care and precision – but he is also the glue to our relationships!