Hong's Organic
Fung Kat Heung, Yuen Long, New Territories, Hong Kong
Thomas is a nature lover who enjoys walks in the rain and the warmth of sunshine. His farm was established 8 years ago after a chance encounter with the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department. If doing (and eating) what you believe in is the way to live, Thomas is set for life. He is already fulfilling his aspiration of growing fruits and vegetables with love and care, and is still amazed at how good they taste!
Wah Kee / Mr Choy
Wah Kee Farm
No. 48, Tai Wo Chuen, Pat Heung, Yuen Long
Another family farm that specializes in fruits and various vegetables, this farm is named after farmer Wah (or Wah Kee, as he often introduces himself). His outstanding work ethics are obvious from his daily routine – down in the fields at dawn and return home at sunset. Yet Wah Kee has the most beautiful hands and skin! His passion and enthusiasm for local organic farming is reflected in his brilliant smile…oh, the joy of harvesting what you believe in!
Ah So
Ah So's Farm
25 Sha Po Tsuen, Yuen Long, NT, HK
Ah So comes from a farming family of four brothers, who have lived in this same village for almost 100 years. Ah So’s destiny brought him back to farming 8 years ago because there was no one else who could take care of his family's farmland. He hasn’t looked back since and maintains an infectious sense of humor that never fails to brighten up anyone's day. His favorite quote: "Always wash your vegetables before eating!"
Zen Organic
No. 22, C87, Lee Uk San Tseun, Ta Ku Ling, NT, HK
This is a large family farm run by two siblings who left their day jobs to produce a wide variety of fruits and vegetables. Particularly passionate about producing the best tomatoes, Joey and Mr Ng are always looking for new variety of tomatoes to grow in Hong Kong! With skill, expertise, love and devotion, it’s no wonder that they produce one of the rarest and tastiest heirloom tomatoes locally.
Mr Yu
Ming Yuan Farm
Li Uk San Tsuen, Ta Kwu Ling, Fanling, NT, HK
Mr Yu has a beautiful farm that he takes pride in, keeping it pristine by using plants that he grows on his land as natural fertilizers. A father of two lovely girls, Mr Yu worked part-time at his day job when his first daughter was born and ended up leaving it altogether to spend more quality time with his family. Being a farmer allows him this luxury, while setting an example for the next generation about the importance of eating locally and organically. Mr Yu is thankful that he made the right choice.
Ah Ming
Fung Lok Farm
Sha Po Chai Tseng, Fung Kat Hens, Yuen Long
If ever there was a shining example of joy and happiness, it would be Ah Ming. He was raised on a farm and has gone on to preserve his family’s legacy in agricultural expertise. His attitude towards life is fresh and robust like the crops he grows – up at dawn, rest at sunset. That’s why he is in perfect health and runs faster than many of us! He counts Thomas, Ah So and our other farmers as his good friends.